Used Vehicle


TRAINING – With Action Plan and Follow-up

  1. Used Vehicle Management
    • T1.1 UV Integral Management
    • T1.2 UV Valuation – How to manage and communicate the appraisal
    • T1.3 UV Purchase – How to open and enhance supply sources
    • T1.4 UV Sales – The art of selling unique vehicles
    • T1.5 UV Qualification – We certify Managers and Sales Advisors
  1. Digital Channel
    • T2.1 UV Online Marketing – The customer’s access door
    • T2.2 How to take the right Pictures
    • T2.3 How to take and edit Videos and Pictures
  1. Synergies in the Distribution
    • T3.1 Buy-Back Planning – Subscription, Balloon, Renting, etc.
    • T3.2 New Vehicle and Used Vehicle
    • T3.3 After-Sales and Used Vehicle
  1. Product and Systems
    • T4.1 New Products, by automotive enthusiasts – We Love Cars
    • T4.2 New Systems, deployed by our most technical consultants.


  1. Intensive Accompaniment
    • C1.1 UV Integral Management
    • C1.2 UV Online Marketing
    • C1.3 Synergies in Distribution
  1. Action Plan derived from Training – Follow-up and Implementation



Temporary Assignment of Automative Expert Staff

  1. Integral Management
    • E1.1 Area Sales Management for network coordination – OEM, Importer and Group
    • E1.2 Used Vehicle Department – Network and Dealership
  1. Digital Content Management
    • E2.1 Photo shooting of vehicles
    • E2.2 Video recording of vehicles
    • E2.3 Web content update
    • E3.3 Lead Management
  1. Quality
    • E3.1 Data Base (filtering, questionnaires, commercial actions, etc.)
    • E3.2 Online mystery-shopper
    • E3.3 Physical mystery-shopper