About Us:

We are a consulting company, specialised in Used Vehicle & After-Sales, whose mission is to generate business and value in vehicle distribution, that is why our acronym, B2D, means Business to Dealer.

We are a team of enthusiasts and experts in vehicles and their sector, coordinated by two partners, whose previous automotive experience is as follows:

Jaume Gran – 20-year career (11 in several dealer networks, 8 as an international consultant, 1 in OEM)
María de Tena – In the automotive sector since 1998 (dealer networks and consulting).

Our evolution:

2017 – Design and implementation B2D Consulting, specialised in Used Vehicle and Remarketing. The inception.
2018 – We start providing services to manufacturers (OEM), after having operated directly with dealers groups, official dealerships and independent agents.
2019 – We begin working beyond Europe (in America) and, most importantly, our customers are asking for more services.
Since 2020 – Leap into a decade of incessant challenges in the automotive sector, starting with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and continuing with exponential technological and social changes, this is why we add the After-Sales line to the Used Vehicle line, to strengthen our customers even more.